Exciting things are happening here at GURU Cloud and we wanted to share the details with you.
Over the past months we have been hard at work building a brand new GURU Cloud infrastructure. Taking everything that's great about the original GURU, we've built on this and developed an even better experience.
As some customers will already know, we have started migrating your services to the new cloud platform and the feedback we've had has been outstanding. Performance figures are better than ever and websites are running as much as twice as fast!
All our storage is now SSD-backed and we've built out our internal networking to exceed 100Gbps. Add to this support for IPv6 and the very latest processor and system architecture and we think you'll absolutely love the speed boost.
If you haven't been contacted about your migration yet, don't worry, we're working our way to you.
Next time you visit your https://my.guru.co.uk portal you might notice a few changes - to go with our new ultra-speed cloud, we've given the website a refresh too.
As always, if you have any questions then just let us know!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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