Are you a Green Web Hosting company?

GURU Host within some of the most efficient data centers in the UK, using free cooling, hot/cold aisle containment, a PuE (Power usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.2. The environmental management policy is externally assessed to ISO 14001 standards. Also, the power we use at Centro (our main facility) is supplied by E.ON and is 100% renewably sourced.

We try to keep paper usage to a bare minimum, only sending out electronic invoices, using the latest efficient servers, latest computers and displays in the office with all appliances using A+ ratings. Using our True Cloud system also means that capacity of our systems don't go to waste, as we can keep dynamic capacity online for peaks, resulting in much more efficient operations than old 'traditional' hosting.

We are green host and a member of green web foundation. You can find the details here.

When you are hosting your site with us, your site will also listed as green website.

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