Do I need Hosting with Email?

Deciding is easy..

Are your emails handled by Gmail, Microsoft or another third party who you will continue to use, even when your website is hosted by GURU?


If the answer is yes, then you do not need to order Shared Hosting including Email, you can simply order Shared Hosting.


You'll still be able to send email from applications hosted on GURU (such as WordPress) with our Shared Hosting, you just won't have any mailboxes or forwarders unless you order Shared Hosting with Email.

This is all a bit confusing, help!

We're here to make things easy, so if you're still not sure even after reading above, please just get in touch via our Live Chat on or drop us an email to 

I changed my mind!

If you decide to move your email services to GURU at a later date, you can always upgrade, please just get in touch if this is the case.

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