Ex-VAT pricing for EU entities

If you are VAT-registered in your home EU country (which isn't the United Kingdom), then you can pay VAT for your GURU services directly to your home exchequer. This means GURU will charge you VAT-exclusive pricing.

For us to validate your VAT-registered status we need to know a bit about you before you buy anything, so if you're looking to buy a service for the first time you will need to register before making a purchase.

When registering, ensure you enter your EU VAT Registration Number:

Once you have completed registration, you can return to make your purchase.

I'm already a customer

If you're an existing customer and would like to update your non-UK EU VAT-registered status, then you can login at https://my.guru.co.uk/ and from the home page, click 'Update' on the left of the screen, below your details:

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