How do I change my Credit/Debit card?

If your card has expired or been updated

If you pay for your GURU hosting with a Credit or Debit card, this is handled by our payment processor, WorldPay.

Login to Worldpay

When you make your first payment to GURU, WorldPay will issue you a username and password for their systems.

Using this username and password, you can login to WorldPay to update your card details. If you have lost your login, scroll down this article to find out more.


Once you are logged into WorldPay, you will see your FuturePay Agreements. You may have more than one agreement, so find the one with a Description starting 'GURU Cloud' and Status that is not 'cancelled'. Click on your Agreement ID in the left-most column of the list.

You will then be shown details of the payment agreement you have with GURU.

To update your card, click the Change Payment Details at the top of the page:

You will then be able to enter your updated Credit / Debit information.

Making Payment

GURU will automatically try to take payment within 24 hours, but if you wish you can also visit your Invoices at and pay these immediately.

Lost WorldPay Login

If you have forgotten your WorldPay login, follow the above link and click on Forgot your password? to have a reset email sent.

You'll need to provide either your:

  • WorldPay FuturePay Agreement ID,
  • WorldPay Username; or
  • Transaction ID

..along with your email address.

You can find your FuturePay Agreement ID or Transaction ID in the emails you get from WorldPay each month when your card is charged.

WorldPay will send you two emails, one with your username and one with your password.

If you are unable to make these changes, please contact our account team at and they will be able to assist you further.

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